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Kashmir’s MOTTAINAI (Don’t Waste) Spirit

JEN’s motto is to support those who are in the hardest to reach, or live in the most inaccessible areas.
Haveli in Bagh District, located in a remote area which can only be reached after passing many mountains of Kashmir (AJK) and unpaved rough roads, is an example of a region that needs support to recover from the earthquake.

Most of the cars you can see in Haveli are trucks such as jeeps and 4WD.
Among the types of passenger cars, the 1974 model of the Toyota Collora is especially prominent, as seen in the photo.

This car is exhibited in an automobile museum in Japan as a classic car; however, people in Kashmir still use it with the same body but they change the engine into diesel which is economically better for gas-consumption.
It still runs smoothly and strongly on the roads of Kashmir. Isn’t it wonderful of Kashmir people to keep using the same cars for 30 years?

What about the JEN Pakistan team?
JEN moves through the mountain roads in a 4 WD instead of Toyota Collora, continuing to bring support from Japan.

September 18, 2008 in Pakistan |