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In Order To Provide A Better Educational Environment

20080904mofatakarpurasmcmeeting_3_l Thanks for the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, organizations and individual supporters, JEN is constructing 6 schools in UC Kalamula, Haveli county, Bagh district. These schools are reinforced to resist earthquakes with light steel structure. One school can accommodate 40 students.

Students are forced to study outside even though it's raining, snowing or severely windy. After the completion of the construction, all 240 students can get education under a safer and more comfortable environment.

All the schools are located in the middle of mountains far from the main roads. As a result of this, JEN has to work hard to separate all the parts of the school building into pieces, and bring them to the construction sites piece by piece, then putting them back together.

JEN looks forward to welcoming children to start going to these schools as soon as possible, and continues to provide assistance for a better educational environment in the earthquake-affected area.

September 4, 2008 in Pakistan |