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Distribution of Roofs for Schools

Dscn1895s JEN distributes CGI sheets to the schools where their buildings had their roofs blown away by the Cyclone Nargis. “We are happy to see our children under roofs that create an enabling environment to study,” say the teachers. Children also show their happiness and gratitude to JEN by singing songs while JEN visited one of the schools.

Some schools that JEN supports with CGI sheets fortunately have kept the framework of their buildings. But many others even got their buildings’ foundations blown away in the Cyclone. They set up temporary small buildings and organize classes both in the morning and in the afternoon separately for children of different grades. Due to these measures, children learn only half of what they have to learn in a day. Dscn1926s

JEN’s CGI sheets will help them re-establish their school building in the near future.

September 25, 2008 in Myanmar |