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Distribution of Shelter Kits Completed

Dscn2076s_low This picture shows the stamp that signifies the receipt for the shelter kits. Distribution of shelter kits for 3,000 households has been successfully completed as planned in the on-going project.

Villagers have made good progress in reconstructing their houses with JEN’s shelter kits. However, in many villages, it is still not rare to see several families living together in a temporary house built with insufficient materials, although it has been nearly five months since the disaster of Cyclone Nargis. The roads to the villages are not in good conditions and material procurement is still a difficult task. But JEN is supporting them in whatever capacity we can to recover their livelihoods and stable lifestyles. Sany0231s_low

We see the smiles and happiness on the faces of the people when they rebuild their houses with the shelter kits. On the other hand, through the communication with the people, we can’t help but think the people have received a big psychological shock by the Cyclone. JEN is now concerned about their mental trauma and will start a needs assessment for psycho-social care support in addition to the on-going project.

September 18, 2008 in Myanmar |