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Three Months have Passed since Cyclone Nargis

Dscn0722s In the areas where road access is poor, there are many locals who are still completely dependant upon aid for livelihoods and there are even locals without a home of their own.

The afflicted area is known for its abundant rice production.

Usually, rice planting is done by mid July and the harvest is in October or November.

However, there are fears for this year’s harvest because the rice plants were destroyed by Cyclone Nargis and even those that survived suffer from insufficient growth.

If the harvest is short, the local people cannot earn enough income to make their living.Dscn0792s

Farmers are not the only locals suffering from the disaster; fishermen are faced with a difficult situation as well because their fishing nets and boats were washed away.

Furthermore, pond water is undrinkable due to the influx of sea water caused by the high tides. This adds further hardship for the local people.

As can be seen, the scar left by the Cyclone, which has killed more than 100,000 people, is deep and serious.

Much more time and effort is needed to recover the livelihood of the local people.

JEN is considering further support to the afflicted locals whilst paying careful regard to their future perspectives.

August 14, 2008 in Myanmar |