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The Arrival of Roofing Material

21_aug_08 Ten thousand C.G.I sheets contributed from the AEON group were unloaded at the storehouse of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) in the Yangon Port on August 6th .

The Emergency Distribution of C.G.I. sheets project is a collective effort of JEN, the Government of Japan, and the AEON Group, a group of over 140 major retail stores in Japan,

JEN organized a hand-over ceremony of the C.G.I. sheets on 12th August in the presence of the President of the Federation, Mr. U Win Myint, and Mr. Yasuaki Nogawa, the Japanese Ambassador to Myanmar.

For smooth distribution of the C.G.I. sheets, JEN, with the collaboration of the UMFCCI, is currently conducting a mapping survey on mainly schools.

Primary schools in the cyclone affected areas temporarily use tarpaulin sheets for the roofs, or the buildings have remained completely destroyed after the cyclone.

Schooling gives children opportunities to meet their friends, and heal their sorrows and fears experienced from the cyclone. Providing the educational space for children is an essential component of psycho-social care for the children.

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