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Summer in Iketani – Let’s Go To “TAMBO”!! part 2-

= Discover the treasures in Iketani - Star Gazing =

080813__4 The Second Session of “Let’s go to “TAMBO(Paddy Field)”!! was held from 8th to 10th of August.

In the peak of the summer in Iketani, weeds have grown densely around the “TAMBO”.  Mr. Hashiba, who has been keeping an eye on the ears of rice in Iketani for several decades said, “The ears of rice in this period are most beautiful, just like women just before their wedding.  We have to weed out to prevent the weeds from spreading diseases”.

As a result of the best effort of 16 volunteers, under the strong sunshine, the view in the TAMBO has been cleared as you can see from this photo. 080813_

At night, a starry sky observation class was held.  Mr. Murakami participated as a teacher gave “students” friendly and in-depth explanation about the great triangle in the summer and satellites etc looking up into the night sky.  The students took turns observing the night sky through a telescope brought by Mr. Murakami.  There were countless stars that are invisible to the naked eyes.

It was a clear sky, so the students squealed in joy when they saw The Milky Way and a large number of shooting stars, which we cannot really see in the metropolitan area. 

080813__5 The next “Let’s go to “TAMBO”!!” in September will include finally harvesting the rice, followed by Candle-Night.  The rice seedlings have been growing steadily, so we look forward to harvesting them.  We hope it will be delicious rice!

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