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Scars Left by the Cyclone

At the moment, JEN is investigating on needs for further aid and support whilst distributing shelters.
During this needs assessment, JEN asked locals about the Cyclone itself as well.

A 38-year-old man visits the site where he lost his four sons and is overcome by anguish every day.
A 25-year-old woman who lost ten members of her family burst into tears when JEN asked her about the cyclone, and thus JEN could not continue this interview.
A 36-years-old woman told JEN that she could not stop shedding tears during a meal because it reminds her about her late child’s favourite dish.

From these interviews, that there were hidden tears behind the everyday smiles of the local people effected by the cyclone.
Though JEN was aware of this from the beginning, this was the moment that JEN reaffirmed the severity of the cyclone damage.
It is difficult to send aid and support to every village where JEN conducted an investigation.
As JEN explained this to the people, they replied, “We understand that it is difficult to distribute aid supplies to every single village. Rather, we are happy that JEN listens to our voice so intently”.
JEN recognized the importance of listening to the afflicted people, and JEN is intending to continue providing aid and support by taking careful consideration of the results of this investigation.

August 28, 2008 in Myanmar |