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From Dusk till Dawn, @School

080808_2_2   - Training of the management committee for borehole maintenance (1) -

Currently, the project of Improvement of School Water Sanitation and Hygiene implemented with the cooperation of the Japanese government is reaching its peak. 

Installation of the wells and latrines in the three targeted schools was completed according to schedule, and training for members of the “the management committee for facility maintenance” on the borehole maintenance is now in operation.

When staying in the field, it is necessary to decide where to stay at night.080808_2   

Although it isn’t hard to find a lodge in the middle of the town, things aren’t as easy in remote places. 

As the location of training, this time, was at an elementary school about 2 hours from town, we were able to lodge in the school’s classroom. 

The 2 Sudanese staff decided to set up a tent in the classroom and spend the night there, but since I had been suffering from the staff’s awful snoring, I decided to sleep in the car, in a sleeping bag.   

Although it gets pretty cold in the field at this time of year, sleeping in the car turned out to be warmer than I’d expected, and comfortable as well.  I might develop a habit of it!

August 14, 2008 in South Sudan |