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Do Kashmir boys like Make-up?

JEN conducts hygiene and sanitation education projects in Haveli, Bagh.
In order to prepare for this project, JEN is now interviewing teachers and students.
Based on the result of these interviews, JEN is going to reform the content of training about hygiene and sanitation education for teachers and the content of the workshop for the children.

With this, JEN found an interesting things about Pakistani culture.
The boy in the picture wears eye-liner below his eyes.
This is called “ Solma” in which he wears special black stone powder around his eyes.
This is effective to have a better eye sight, and also by wearing it while sleeping, it reduces the pain from having red eyes.
You can’t see this much in the capital city of Islamabad; however, it still exists in a place like Haveli which is located in high altitudes under the severe sunshine. 

Close to 60% Pakistani children’s cause of death is due to unsanitary water.
We hope that through the spread of knowledge by hygiene and sanitation education, JEN will make a tremendous contribution to the community.

August 21, 2008 in Pakistan |