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Caring the Heart

200808212art_therapy  There are numerous people in Vakarai Division who have experienced a number of evacuations during the long-term effects of conflict and aftermath of the tsunami. JEN sends a psychologist to conduct counseling to help through the pain and distress you have studied.

JEN first identifies the people who are most in need of counseling. Group work was conducted, among various methods, and they were asked to draw whatever is on their mind.

Take this person (see the photo), for instance, who draws villagers running away from an air attack. Others draw the devastation of the tsunami, palm trees and houses that collapsed. They could not describe them in conversation, but drawing can help them to express what is deep in their mind and too hard and painful for them to express verbally.20080821art_therapy_2

Through the group work, some participants are identified as requiring mental care. In those cases, JEN’s psychologist conducts counseling for these people.

August 28, 2008 in Sri Lanka |