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When in Pakistan, do as the Pakistani do

080710_3 The season for mangoes has arrived once again here in Pakistan. The mango season in Pakistan is from May – September, and you can see mango sellers in all part of Islamabad. There are about 150 different types of mangoes in Pakistan, and any one of them is said to be the ‘best in the world’.

During the season, when you visit the house of our staff, you will be presented with a mountain of mango. ‘It is polite to eat all the mangoes on the plate!’ I was told by the local JEN Staff member, and therefore I ate mangoes every day until I was full.

In Pakistan, it is possible to buy mangoes from only JPY20. In comparison, the cheapest mango you can buy in Japan is about JPY300. For those who love mango, this country is a paradise!

July 10, 2008 in Pakistan |