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The cradle left behind

10_july_08 The cradle on the tree in the picture belongs to a villager; he left it behind after he lost his wife and children in Labutta.

During the Cyclone, desperate to save his dear child, he put the child in a cradle and left it up on a tree. However, both his wife and child were washed away and killed by the Cyclone. This man, distraught, explained,

‘I have no will to take that cradle down. I want to leave it as it is’.

There are many people in this big village that are now the only remaining member of their family. In their deep traumatic shock, they express their sadness to us.

A needs assessment was conducted in a village near the sea, which had been severely damaged by the Cyclone. Around 2/3 of the villagers perished due to this cyclone. JEN will distribute shelter kits to villages of this sort. In parts of Myanmar, villagers are cooperating to rebuild their homes.

The purpose of shelter kit distribution is to allow the villagers to cooperate in constructing a home. It is important for citizens to come together after a disaster to engage in joint projects.

Working collaboratively to rebuild a home will not heal all wounds, but JEN hopes it will lead to some form of psycho-social care, no matter how small.

July 10, 2008 in Myanmar |