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Farming at the Juba Office

080701_low One of my minor joys amongst the busy daily duties is to watch the lettuce, okra and local spices which we planted 3 weeks ago grow. All of our staff had participated from very early in the morning weeding and sowing the seeds of local spices and the seeds of lettuce and okra which I had brought from Japan.

A large portion of vegetables in Sudan are imported from neighbouring countries, such as Uganda. A variety of vegetables (mainly tomato, cabbage, onion and potato) available in Sudan is not as wide as in Japan. In addition, not only is the variety limited, but also the price of the vegetables is similar to that of Japan.

We hope our vegetables that are now about 10cm in height will grow well, so that we can all enjoy beautiful dishes together after the harvest, such as okra curry and lettuce sandwiches.

This is a picture of our staff ploughing the backyard of our office in order to transplant our vegetables.

July 3, 2008 in South Sudan |