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What the People Feel

123_low_2 According to the United Nations, there have been more than 100,000 deaths due to the Cyclone.
There are many cases where only one member of a family has survived.
Such people have lost hope, and are in a state of despair.
JEN is contemplating what we can do for people in such situations.
The loss of family is something extremely difficult for anybody to endure.
JEN hopes that through the distribution of shelter kits, we are able to revive some sense of hope for these people.

However, not all stories are so desperate:350_low_3
For example, in Yangon, there are donation boxes throughout the city.
Many people of Myanmar have visited the victims and distributed materials and provided donations.

373_low_3 It is more than just a spirit of volunteerism; it is a genuine sentiment, people feel that they to help these people," in any way they possibly can..."
Such warm sentiments fill the air in Yangon.

June 26, 2008 in Myanmar |

The 3rd Earthquake-Proof School Now Complete

080624_low Thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, World Conference on Religion and Peace Japanese Committee, and other organizations and individuals, JEN has completed the building of the third earthquake-proof school in Haveli, Bagh. JEN had the handing-over ceremony inviting the school teachers and the now 110 excited children who will get an education in the new classrooms.
JEN’s projects, not only the ones that concern the construction of schools, are always done through the cooperation of so many different supporters. Especially in this project, JEN got the greatest support from Tobishima Corporation. Cooperation from local people and teachers were of great importance as well. As the construction of the schools were completed, we received a letter of appreciation from the local government. 

JEN would like to continue our projects to provide a safer and more comfortable environment for children to receive an education.

June 26, 2008 in Pakistan |


About Shelter Kits

186_low_2    Originally, the shelter kit included general relief items such as plastic sheets and tool sets. However, upon further needs assessment of the disaster victims, it became clear that plastic sheets were not suitable for Myanmar’s climate, and that people were not accustomed to using them.

Therefore, JEN and UMFCCI decided to distribute home-building materials such as bamboo and palm tree leaves in order to better suit the needs of the victims.

In emergency assistance, needs change on a daily basis. By providing assistance appropriate for the climate and the people, JEN is able to respect the wishes and requests of the people. Furthermore, distributing materials that the people are accustomed to allows them to reconstruct their homes by themselves.

When we shared this distribution plan with those in the village, there was a look of relief on their faces. It is important not only to distribute necessary materials, but to support the people’s positive willingness to move forward.

June 19, 2008 in Myanmar |


JEN to Provide Assistance in Labutta

_low_2 JEN will distribute shelter kits to 1000 households that have lost their homes in Labutta, Ayewardy Division.

Labutta is a coastal delta area located 10 hours south of Yangon by car. It was one of the most severely affected areas by the Cyclone.

The villages that JEN provided assistance to are another 2 to 3 hours outside of Labutta town.

Assistance is being provided to many villages situated along the river; however, relief is not being reached in villages along the minor tributaries of the river._low_3 

JEN will distribute shelter kits to those who await assistance in villages that have not received any form of aid.

June 12, 2008 in Myanmar |

Education for Children Affected by the Earthquake has Begun

080530_mofa_eoj_signing_celemony_10 Thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, other organizations and individuals, JEN will start a new project to support improvement of education in Bagh. The project began as JEN signed the contract in the Japanese embassy in Pakistan on May 30th. This news was broadcasted on the Pakistani national newspaper and on the internet.

Through this project, JEN will build 6 light-steel structured schools and provide hygiene and sanitation education in Haveli, Bagh, especially in the areas where there is poor accessibility. We will conduct this construction under the great cooperation of the local people, parents and teachers. In addition, we will encourage them to manage the maintenance of the schools themselves after the completion of the project. For hygiene and sanitation education, JEN places importance on psychological care as well. JEN would like to utilize group discussions and plays to make learning more enjoyable. 

JEN will continue to provide assistance to the local children in Bagh who are suffering from the earthquake by supporting an education in a safer and more comfortable environment.

June 12, 2008 in Pakistan |


Shelter Kit Distribution Plan

186_low Many people have lost their homes due to the Cyclone, and without any other option, are currently living in Plastic Sheet tents or refugee camps.

JEN, with the support of the Japan Platform, has decided to distribute Shelter Kits to 3,000 families in order for such people to return to a comfortable lifestyle has soon as possible._low

The areas of distribution will be determined by the deliberations of UMFCCI along with JEN’s local staff members.

June 10, 2008 in Myanmar |


Agreement has been made with UMFCCI

Img_1543_low To provide assistance to victims of Cyclone Nargis, JEN will cooperate with the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

Most corporations in Myanmar are affiliated with UMFCCI. On June 9th, JEN was successful in reaching an agreement with UMFCCI, and is under the process of initial assessment of needs for the cyclone victims.

June 9, 2008 in Myanmar |


Opening of the Yangon Office

Img_3335_low On June 1st, three NGOs affiliated with the Japan Platform (Peace Winds Japan, Nicco, and JEN) established a shared office in order to provide assistance to victim of Cyclone Nargis.

We are currently in the process of conducting Needs Assessments in order to identify the areas that need assistance. Within Yangon, fallen trees have already been removed and the situation remains tranquil.

The picture is the view from the office in Yangon.

June 1, 2008 in Myanmar |