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Efforts hidden in toilets

515_low JEN is now organizing pictures of the operation which was completed in the beginning of April.
It is a fun work to see photographs of cleanly newborn schools after restorations. This time, I am fascinated by the toilet tiles.

Don't you think that the tiles are as decent as of hotels with pastel colors and cutovers?

According to staff members in Baghdad, building constructors in Iraq collect samples from European countries in recent years and study interior designing.

515_low_2 JEN's specification describes to apply tiles on toilet walls and the quality of the tiles has to fulfill the standard which JEN specifies in the specification. However, it does not require elaborate designs.

The building constructors seem to make efforts for high completeness to the extent permitted for their budgets. We can imagine that children use the toilets comfortably.

May 15, 2008 in Iraq |


Germ of Change

080505_puliyankandalady_meeting_low JEN had a meeting in a fisherman's village where JEN conducts activities, in order to decide participants for the next term, in the activities of home gardenings and sanitary education which started last month.

JEN explained that JEN offers minimum supplies. Trainings and the leading part is conducted by the current participants of the activity. Many people turned up in every village and the each session was successful.

This time, over 50 people gathered in the local fisheries association. Only 4 or 5 people gathered
when JEN had a meeting for the previous operation in September last year.

There is a tendency that emergency aid conducts “Giving aid”, and sometimes JEN's “Supporting aid” is hardly accepted by people who are accustomed to be given.

We sometimes feel that the dependence on aid is still strong, however we also felt that the residents' mind are changing little by little at the meeting this time.

We, staff members, were encouraged by the event to having achieved our supports in close relation to the local sites in the last 6 months.

May 8, 2008 in Sri Lanka |


Places where children love

51 The restoration of schools terminated in the beginning of April. It was conducted by the donation of the Japan Platform(JPF) and individual donnors from September last year.

We conducted mainly restorations of tanks, toilets, sinks and others which were needed to repair urgently in 25 elementary schools and junior high schools in Baghdad, and pass over to the Education Ministry of Iraq.

New operations started from the end of April focus on 18 elementary schools and junior high schools in the capital city. They will fix water-related facilities, electric equipments, doors and windows, and will build up safe and clean educational environment.

JEN’s educational supports in Iraq will continue to make the place children love comfortable.

May 1, 2008 in Iraq |