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Efforts hidden in toilets

515_low JEN is now organizing pictures of the operation which was completed in the beginning of April.
It is a fun work to see photographs of cleanly newborn schools after restorations. This time, I am fascinated by the toilet tiles.

Don't you think that the tiles are as decent as of hotels with pastel colors and cutovers?

According to staff members in Baghdad, building constructors in Iraq collect samples from European countries in recent years and study interior designing.

515_low_2 JEN's specification describes to apply tiles on toilet walls and the quality of the tiles has to fulfill the standard which JEN specifies in the specification. However, it does not require elaborate designs.

The building constructors seem to make efforts for high completeness to the extent permitted for their budgets. We can imagine that children use the toilets comfortably.

May 15, 2008 in Iraq |