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What we can do in Tokyo

080422_low JEN sold rice of Iketani, Iriyama of Tokamachi-city in Niigata, at the booth on "Earth Day Tokyo" on April 19th and 20th. Seventy six packages of rice, 750 grams per package, were sold thanks to the promotion by supporters of JSC(JEN Supporters Club).

Mr. Takahashi from Tokamachi city development committee, came to Tokyo and participated the event, and raised his voice together. The customers bought the rice saying that “I can support for the earthquake disaster”, “I want to do something for the settlement”, “Because it is delicious rice made in Uonuma” and so on.  Some people said that they want to participate in volunteer activities after they knew about the volunteer activities in the village of Iketani from the rice.

What we learned from the event is that there is still room for improvement for how to sell rice for  the Committee and Sales Promotional tools in various sites and ways are important.0804222_low

Ideas and cooperations are needed from the volunteers in order for the committee to sell rice in Tokyo. We look forward to your supports for the activities of the village of Iketani in Tokyo this year.

April 24, 2008 in Niigata |