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Delivery of safe water

080401_k7_low JEN with the support by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and individual donnors have been conducting the installation of water pipes which connect water storage tanks and public water pipes in order to supply safe water to students as a part of the construction of schools.

In Afghanistan, sanitary conditions are very bad in most schools. The students of Cobura school  whom JEN is supporting still use dirty water from the channel next to the school for drinking.
Polluted water comes from cities through the channel, so there is no safe water that protects students’ health there.
Over a long winter, the construction of water storage tanks has been restarted and the constructions have been advanced to pre-foundation of stones. JEN has been conducting activities in order to make up sanitary conditions that can allow students study safely as soon as possible.

(Photo: The completed base of water storage tank)

April 3, 2008 in Afghanistan |