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Afghanistan is the Link

080219 It has been four months since we moved the operation center for our Afghanistan mission to the neighboring country, Pakistan.

Here in Pakistan it is very easy to see the things that Pakistan and Afghanistan have in common. Actually, many second and third generation Afghans live in the regions where there are large former-refugee populations. Amongst these people, there are some whom have never even been to Afghanistan.

These people show great enthusiasm when I greet them in Dali, or tell them that I was recently in Afghanistan. In fact, sometimes I even get discounts and additional vegetables when I go to the local vegetable store!

These people, despite being Afghan, have never been to Afghanistan. Yet I, Japanese, have lived in Afghanistan and am now using Pakistan as a platform of exchange and interaction. It is a strange phenomenon, but it was a moment that provided warmth to my heart.

(PICTURE: A juice-stand in the market)

February 21, 2008 in Afghanistan |