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A Holiday-less New Years

Site_visit_ns_c1 Afghanistan is a largely Muslim nation, and therefore, unlike the Christian tradition, New Years pass without any holidays. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives from organizations, and individuals, we are continuing the ongoing school construction.

However, Afghanistan is undergoing a harsh winter, and unfortunately, due to the bitter cold and snow, construction is not proceeding as smoothly as we had hoped.

During most days, the temperature during the day ranges from 2°C to 5°C, but the temperature drops to around -15°C at night. Moreover, there was a heavy snowfall as we entered January, which prevented us from doing construction work for about one week.

R0013159 However, we are hoping to see the bright, smiling faces of the children come springtime when they are due to start school. With that hope in mind, we will not let the cold get to us!

January 10, 2008 in Afghanistan |