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Finally Completed Using Three Pillars

Wss_bhs_fateh_pur_1_resize It has started to snow on the project site in Pakistan again this year. It has been the third winter for the province of Bagh in Haveli County since the earthquake. The project that JEN has been carrying out was introduced in a local newspaper. In the article, appreciation for JEN was mentioned for carrying out the project immediately after the earthquake. It also described how the education environment for children had dramatically improved as a result of water and hygiene projects within schools supported by JEN.

Finally, the water and hygiene projects for 120 schools have been completed. The projects are executed under the guidelines of three pillars; first, temporary toilets, next, improvement and maintenance of water supply systems and finally, hygiene education. The children used to drink water and wash their hands at a distant river or a spring near the school. However, they are now able to have lessons without interruption by such inconveniences. In addition, due to the hygiene education provided alongside the installation of toilets and water supplies, the health condition of the children has been improved.  For instance, the number of children suffering from diarrhea symptom has significantly decreased.

December 13, 2007 in Pakistan |