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Decisions Made at the Workshop

Just as we thought it was going to be a late winter this year, all of the sudden it turned into a winter picture. Snowydays have been increasing.

The preparation for the completion ceremony held for the renewal of the meetinghouse, which is to be held mid-month, is almost ready. The meetinghouse in Iketani was damaged by two earthquakes, however, it is finally it is getting repaired. People will dress in formal clothes on the day of completion ceremony. For this rare formal ceremony, people are filled with hope and also a little anxiety.

Right now, a workshop entitled “Iketani/Iriyama from Now On” and “Discussion of Important Matters” is held couple of times a month in Iketani/Iriyama. Last time, we talked about the completion ceremony and an inspection tour of progressive areas. Things confirmed at the workshop included the policy: “When doing an event, divide up the roles but put one person in charge”.

When doing an event in the village in the past, because there are only a few people, people did things together without putting anyone in charge. However, we have heard that in other area's village revitalization was most successful using this method of putting a leader in each role. Villagers agreed with this and chose the leaders for each role of the completion ceremony. 

When doing bigger events from now on, it will be important to cooperate with various groups and people. In order to do so, it is important to put someone in charge and administrate systematically.  

JEN will further support in any way possible the Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee to become more systematic and efficient.

December 6, 2007 in Niigata |