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The Water Sanitation Management Committee Training has Begun!

20071119_sudanjpf_lainya_training_f Training has started on November 19th for the “Water Sanitation Management Committee”, which was formed recently. 

This committee will undertake a supervisory role in the operation and maintenance of the wells and toilets of the five schools currently under construction. 20071119_sudanjpf_lainya_training_3  

The water sanitation officials of the local administration will be teaching mechanisms and maintenance methods of the pumps used to fix the wells, as well as teaching the importance of maintaining sanitary conditions in the surrounding environment.  In addition, they will start building fences to keep animals away from the wells, as well as a cleaning duty system of the toilets at each school. 

20071119_sudanjpf_lainya_training_4 From now on, various meetings will be held among members of the Water Sanitation Management Committee in order to maintain better sanitation of wells and toilets. 

November 22, 2007 in South Sudan |