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The future dreams of the young

 Supported by UNICEF and you, we are developing water and hygiene projects to the 120 schools in Haveri, Bagh. Up until now, 80% of the water supply facilities have been built and it is only a few more steps to complete the project. After the project completion, approximately 13,000 children will be able to study in the safe and hygienically clean environment.

 The top three professions the children in Haveri want to become are: For boys, doctor (1st), engineer (2nd) and pilot (3rd). For girls, doctor (1st), school teacher (2nd) and nurse (3rd).

 The first important thing to make these dreams to come true is to provide right education to the children at schools. JEN will continue to support to provide right educational environment to Pakistan.    

November 1, 2007 in Pakistan |