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Increased Demand for Engineers

20071026_sudan_jpf_lainya_latrine_c   Currently, as a part of the project to improve sanitary environment, construction of toilet facilities are now underway at five elementary schools.

Skilled and capable engineer is a must in these types of projects.  While the actual construction will be taken care of by the construction companies, engineers from JEN play a critical role in making sure that the construction project is proceeding as planned, including whether or not (1) the facilities are constructed strictly following the plan, or (2) the quality of the materials are satisfactory. 

After the construction of toilet facilities has started, the engineers from JEN are working hard to monitor the progress by going around each of the five schools at least once a week.  20071031_sudan_jpf_lainya_latrine_2

A busy week is expected to continue until December, when the facilities are expected to be completed.

November 8, 2007 in South Sudan |