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When you use a PC in an Arabic country

1025 It is well known that the Arabic language is written from right to left.  Are you interested to know how it is handled when you type Arabic into a PC?  This photo is from the computer screen of our local staff.  It reads “Hello to the supporters of JEN’s activities!” in Arabic.  The PC needs to be set up so that the cursor moves from the right to left by clicking an icon, what is also interesting is that the numbers go from right to left as in Japanese while the words go vice versa.  When numbers are typed in, the order changes automatically as shown in the photo so that it shows “2007”.  You can select either Indian numbers or Arabic numbers.1025_2

  You have to handle two different keyboards when you make English materials, since the Arabic keyboard is specially designed and cannot type in Roman Characters.  To write in Roman Characters, you have to switch it the other way around.

October 25, 2007 in Iraq |