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The 20th “Ohanasi-tai” – Last activity

Img_2464_2 We papered the rest of the sliding doors and prepared for and held the networking event.  The weather was on our side all the time, and we could enjoy the fine autumn weather.  “Ohanasi-tai” started on August 3rd.  We experienced so many things and gradually could gain the understanding of the Betsuyama people in order to have a good relationship with them.
When we started the preparation for the networking event, we assumed 60 people would come.  However, to our surprise, over 120 people came and joined us.  The meal we prepared was only just enough for them.

Our aim is that through mutual effort, the people from Betsuyama and Iketani/Iriyama in Tokamachi, and volunteers, hold this networking event. It should not be a one-sided approach.

On the morning of the networking event, the tripartite prepared the meal vigorously.  For the entertainment of the party, people from Betsuyama sang festival Mai and music, people from Tokamachi danced around to live music, “Ohanasi-tai” volunteers sang and performed, while people from Katakuri-no-sato played a violin.  All of us played a part and communicated well with each other, we believe.

Img_2407_2_3  Also, people from Iketani/Iriyama in Tokamachi damaged by the Great Chuetsu Earthquake three years ago cheered up people from Betsuyama.  They invited Betsuyama people to the Harvest festival held in November 3rd in Iketani/Iriyama.

This was the last activity of “Ohanasi-tai” but we would like to keep assisting Betsuyama in the same ways as we support Iketani/Iriyama.  Your continuous support to the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for all your big supports to JEN “Ohanasi-tai”.  Thank you.

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