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The 19th “Ohanasi-tai”

P1050215 This time we papered sliding doors (SHOJI) at the village center and residences.  The members were good at putting papers on sliding doors and we were able to finish so fast and the Town Chairman was very surprised.  We put approximately over 300 papers on the doors, this time in the Betsuyama area.  We did not expect that we would paper sliding doors in the disaster area when we started our activities.

We tried to support effectively while prioritizing mental health care as the most important thing. So, while we cleaned the houses, we tried to make people happy, chatting while putting on the papers and making close relationships with the afflicted people like one big family.

After all, we became “Shoji-hari-tai”, not “Ohanasi-tai”.

We do not know how much we could contribute to the removal of blue sheets from Betsuyama, but would hope at least we were able to show support by papering slide doors as a visible activity of reconstruction.

October 11, 2007 in Niigata |