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The 18th “Ohanashi-tai”

P1050207 This time, we helped with the moving process by we re-papered sliding doors (called Shoji), moved the straw mats (called Tatami).

Thanks to the effort of Ohanashi-tai members,  JEN Ohanashi-tai started being recognized in the Betsuyama area.  Local people told us, “Thank you for your constant efforts in Betsuyama” even though some of them have not been helped by Ohanashi-tai.

We are very glad to be spoken to by local people like this.  In addition, we often feel that it is wonderful that the local people love the Betsuyama area as they love themselves

This time, we re-papered the Shoji with a lady in a family.  Her skill for papering Shoji was absolutely fantastic.  We had no doubt that our own skill must have improved as we observed her excellent skill.

However, the next day, we visited another family and started re-papering the Shoji full of confidence, and we realized our actual skill for it….  With our effort, we finally managed to complete re-paper all the Shoji by sunset.

In another house, there is elderly person living alone and they asked to clear up TATAMI.  They seemed happy with not only our activity but also having a cup of tea and chatting with us.

The earthquake must have been tough experience for elderly people living alone.  They are frustrated and there is no person to ask some advice and to moan.  Furthermore, their families do not live closer to help to tidy up their confusing mind.  We, Ohanashi-tai, have only limited time to talk to them.  But we will continue our activity and we wish our activity will help them, even if it is a little help.

October 8, 2007 in Niigata |