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That’s “Made in Japan”

In Juba, there are a lot of Japanese cars.  Not only the cars of UN institutions and NGOs, but also the buses and other vehicles in the city used by Juba citizens are secondhand cars imported from Japan. 
It seems that for a car to be imported from Japan is a kind of status symbol.  There are many cars with the names of the organizations and shops of the previous Japanese owners, printed on the side of the car. 

For example, “xx-pre-school”, “xx-swimming school”, “xx-glass store”, “xx-transportation” etc…  There are also trucks that make announcements in Japanese such as “Back Shimasu (this truck will reverse),” accompanied with electric noises when they reverse.
Just think: cars previously owned by people reading this blog might be running through Juba right now, supporting the lives of its citizens. 

October 11, 2007 in South Sudan |