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To the paradise filled with roses

Kabul_office_rose It may surprise you, but Afghanistan is famous for its roses. On the contrary, thinking of Afghanistan, you might picture war-torn images of the country. However, in the summer season, if you visit someone’s home around the city of Kabul and look in the garden you will find the most beautiful roses.  You can enjoy roses in our small garden as well! It is a relaxing moment to find oneself in the garden, reading a book or drinking a cup of tea in the pleasantness of evening time, since normally it is hard to get out of the office due to security reasons.  Prior to the Soviet Union invasion, Afghanistan was once said to be like a paradise for tourists from South-Asia with true Afghan hospitality and beautiful gardens filled with roses. It is a great pity that now there is such a long way to go to get back this reputation due to the worsening security of the country.  JEN will continue to contribute our efforts to rebuild this peaceful paradise through our educational support programs.

September 20, 2007 in Afghanistan |