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School construction work started!

Photo_3 JEN started construction work of the Cobra School and Chubakhshi Rabat School in August.  We also made a construction ceremony when we started foundation construction work for Chubakhashi Rabat School. 

The ceremony turned up to be a big event attended by people from local government, TV broadcasters from the Parwan state, school related personals, and moreover by almost all the people for the community!

Your image of the school may be different from the ones we are building.  Over 500 students were studying under the heat and packed at a leased half-broken earth-made house from the foundation of the school in 2006.Photo_5  

The construction of the school, therefore, is a big event for the community with enormous joys and expectations. We learned that form the smiles of children we met which lead more efforts and ties to staffs of JEN and school administrative committee.

September 30, 2007 in Afghanistan |