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The Sanitation Song

  For the sanitation education currently being employed, JEN is teaching the importance of sanitation to children using a ‘Sanitation Songs.’ 

Here, I shall introduce one song written by JEN’s sanitation promoter. 

“Let’s all use toilets!
Let’s all drink clean water!
For your health’s sake don’t ‘take care of your business’ in the fields!
Let’s wash our hands before we eat!
Let’s wash our hands after we use the toilet!
Let’s work together to keep our surroundings clean!” 

It is a pity that I cannot deliver the melody to you at this time, because the message gets through better when it’s sung!!   

Now it’s common to see children singing JEN’s original Sanitation Songs in villages where sanitation education has been implemented. 

August 23, 2007 in South Sudan |