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The day JEN’s support reached Bedhi

Photo Supported by The World Conference for Religions for Peace Japan Committee and all of you, we are conducting educational support projects for the child victims of the earthquake in Bedhi, Haveri.

Bedhi is one of the most severely destroyed areas by the earthquake. However, due to the difficult accessibility, no organization other than JEN provided educational support to this area.

The way to Bedhi is very steep and it takes about 4-5 hours by car from JEN’s local field office. Between December and March, the route is blocked by snow so there is no access to Bedhi. It also rains hard throughout the year, which causes mudslides frequently. The steep road becomes very slippery and we can only approach Bedhi very slowly using a very experienced driver.

In Bedhi, so called “extremely remote area”, we aim to improve the educational environment for the earthquake victim children and provide:

  1. Mental care workshop 
  2. Educational / sports goods supply 
  3. Sports festival

Photo_2 The project comes with various difficulties. For example, during heavy rain we sometimes get stuck in the middle of the road on the way to Bedhi. However, due to the warm welcome by the local people, we are able to efficiently implement the project during the very short summer.  

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