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Language through the history of civil war

240507_p1040357   JEN operates in Central Equatoria State where many languages are spoken. 

First, there is the local language, Bari.  Depending on the tribe, other languages such as Mundari, Kuku, and Kakuwa are also spoken in this state.  These languages are so similar that in Central Equatoria State, even tribes speaking different languages can communicate with each other. 

The second language is an Arabic language called Juba Arabic.  Because during the civil war, Juba used to be under control of the Sudan government military forces from Khartoum, many people speak this type of Arabic which has its origins in Juba.  However, there are very few people that can read and or write this language. 

The third language is English.  Many people speak English after having fled to Uganda as refugees during the civil war, and receiving education there. 

It is very useful for us that many people can speak English, but it also gives us strong mixed feelings to think that this results from the people of Southern Sudan been turned upside down through their histories of civil wars. 

August 16, 2007 in South Sudan |