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History of Building Friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka

JEN often meets through activities government officers and members of development agencies who mention, “I have been to Japan”. I addition, “I have worked with Japanese people in my office before.” is also often heard.

This is due to the fact that Japan has received Sri Lankan people for trainings and dispatched Japanese of various professions to Sri Lanka through ODA programs for over half a century. Such people have great respect for Japan. Even if they have never heard of JEN, they show favorable attitudes towards JEN because it is a Japanese organization.

For example, people happily make time for us, when we make unexpected visits to locations where we plan to launch a program. They collect information, which they think we may need prior to our meeting, without our asking them to do so. Their cooperative is extremely helpful to the execution of JEN projects. JEN hopes to develop upon the long history of friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka. 

August 2, 2007 in Sri Lanka |