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The aftermaths of the school tents

20070213jpf On May 31st, the Assistance for Reforming the Educational Environment was completed thanks to the support of Japan Platform, individual donors and NGOs.

Today, we would like to pass on to you the local people's messages.
The children expressed that "the reinforced tents protected us against rain and strong winds. Thank you!"

The Teachers also expressed that "Thanks to the desks, chairs and reinforced tents the children were able to study in a better environment than that of the open air and sitting on logs"

"We were also shown how to reinforce the tents and we feel confident we can fix them when necessary"

"With the training about disaster prevention, we also learned how to cope with the stresses the children face after an earthquake"

JEN has distributed desks, chairs, and reinforced tents, and conducted disaster prevention courses for teachers at 64 primary education schools in Havaili, Bagh Province. Around 11,247 students and teachers benefited from these reforms of the Educational Environment.

July 26, 2007 in Pakistan |