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Sending Volunteers to Help

The Nishiyama volunteer center has begun its operations, and from 9 AM volunteers will begin responding to requests for help from the quake’s victims.

Between yesterday and today we received 41 requests for volunteer assistance, and 81 volunteers have been mobilized.

"I need some help to fix the roof that has fallen off", "I need help to get to the hospital for my medicine", "While I fix the house I want help with my small children", etc, are some of the requests we receive daily.

Until today, volunteers from outside of the Province where not accepted, and thus, we were unable to respond to many requests for help.

On 23rd of July we expect many volunteers from Kashiwazaki, and we are aiming to respond to all needs with flexibility.

(Above) Matching the needs of the victims with the volunteers is from today being conducted in tents.
(Below) The interior of a collapsed house. Inspections of half and fully collapsed houses were held in Nishiyama. Assistance is urgent.

JEN is also collecting donations to assist with these emergency efforts in Niigata.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Account Number: 00170-2-538657
Account Holder: JEN
* Please specify if your donation is for the purpose of assisting the “Chuetsu-oki earthquake emergency”.
=This account is available only in Japan=

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