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JEN to Begin Assistance Operations.

On the 19th of July, JEN carried out inspections in the region struck by the Chuetsu-oki earthquake.

In coordination with the Toka Machi Regional Development Committee (Chairman Mr. Yamamoto), we decided to support the creation of a volunteer center through the Kashiwazaki Social Welfare Confernce in the town of Nishiyama.

Our inspections today were carried out at the village of Kariwa, and Nishiyama town, where 1500 and 2000 families live, respectively. The main need in many affected areas is water, which is insufficient for daily purposes and hygiene during this hot season.

The recently created volunteer center of Nishiyama town will mainly respond to the needs of these 2000 families.

JEN is also collecting donations to assist with these emergency efforts in Niigata.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Account Number: 00170-2-538657
Account Holder: JEN
* Please specify if your donation is for the purpose of assisting the “Chuetsu-oki earthquake emergency”.
=This account is available only in Japan=

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