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Japan's Most Beautiful Sunset.

The day at Nishiyama's volunteer center starts with the head of the office greeting us energetically, "Good morning! Let's do our best with a smile in our faces again today!"

Then, at around 5 o'clock, Mr. Abe gives a small speech like "according to… the English science magazine….” etc, and the day ends with everyone paying regards to the day's efforts.

Mr. Abe also told us that the "Ishiji" (A region in northern Nishiyama that faces the Sea of Japan) sunset is the best one in all of Japan. He recommended the volunteers that arrived from all over Japan to take the chance to enjoy the sunset at 7 o'clock. The exact place where the sun sets is thought to be the epicenter of the Chuetsu earthquake. On your way there though, you must pay enough attention because the road is in a fairly bad condition due to the quake.


In spite of the tension and tiredness of the day's hard work, Ms. Tanaka and I decided to follow his recommendation and go have a look.

Sorting things out on the way, we managed to arrive at Ishiji at 7:05. The most beautiful sunset in Japan, with such a crimson sun setting in the horizon, was breathtaking.

At this point, I am reminded of how much I want to help people who are in trouble…  I used to work at a corporate company, when I visited the Thai island of Phi Phi for monitor the progress of reconstruction efforts, and felt helpless. Today, those feelings came flooding back.

JEN is also collecting donations to assist with these emergency efforts in Niigata.
We appreciate your cooperation.
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