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Distributing Dream Bags!

Students4 We have again started distributing dream bags to children this year!

This is the third consecutive year that we have carried out this project, which started in 2005. With the collaboration of RKK (Rissho Kosei-kai) 9,549 dream bags have been sent to Afghanistan. The dream bags are handmade by kids and their families in Japan, and they are as big as a supermarket bag.

They are full of stationery and toys that Japanese kids thought would make really nice presents. On June 26th we distributed 186 of these dream bags in KEIBO elementary school, located in the Akrobat region of Bamiyan Province.

The distance from Kabul to Bamiyan is 220km, or a one-day trip; and from there to the School is only 26 km but it takes one and a half hours due to the bad road conditions. A local NGO, as well as teachers and students, participated in the distribution of the dream bags.

The teachers and students welcomed us saying "thank you for bringing such wonderful presents to this remote region"

We still have 9,363 dream bags to distribute during 2007. Since this project started in Afghanistan in 2005, many schools in Parwan Province have already received the dream bags before, so we would like to take the dream bags to more remote places this time. And bring those children what their Japanese friends prepared for them with so much love.

July 26, 2007 in Afghanistan |