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Water Supply System

67_2 In Iraq, it is possible to gain sufficient water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  However, gaining water from these rivers has become extremely difficult due to the inability to conduct maintenance on the systems because of financial difficulties caused by the economic sanctions, and also as a result of the bombardment of the facilities during the war.

In its school reconstruction operations, JEN pays special attention to the construction of water supply facilities.  This is because many of the schools that JEN reconstructs have water supply facilities that are completely unusable.  Previously, these kinds of schools used to pump water with a hose from nearby neighborhoods.  Some schools did not even have tap outlets for hand washing, and we also had pictures of other schools, prior to their reconstruction, where sanitary conditions were terrible.

Along with restoring the drainage systems through the replacement of the sewage pipes, JEN is also constructing water supply facilities such as water tanks to ensure that children and teachers are still able to access water despite disruptions to the water supply.

June 7, 2007 in Iraq |