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A long way to work. Part 3

20070605_juba_port_1 When our four hour boat ride ended, we learned that we still had another six hours to go to Juba. We rapidly changed our plans. We got off the boat, and decided to go by the passenger bus. So, after being tossed around in the bus for about two hours, we finally arrived in Juba.

This field trip has been a demonstration of the difficulties we often face just to access Terekeka. At remote locations where access is difficult it is hard to deliver assistance, and thus it is in such places that JEN has taken on the mission of providing assistance.20070606_school_ion_terekeka_1

We guarantee the delivery of our assistance but also deliver it with safety.  We place our staff’s safety as our top priority and we design our operations to deliver assistance in a flexible way. For those who are in need, we reach out to assist.

June 28, 2007 in South Sudan |