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A long journey to work. Part 2

20070605_boat_to_terekeka1_1 After we returned to Juba, we hurried to come up with a back up plan. We decided to try to reach our target by chartering a speedboat along the Nile River.

We departed Juba early the next morning, and after an uninterrupted three hour trip on an express boat we arrived in Terekeka. On the way there we were relieved as the charter speedboat proved to be a great idea; however we had a bit of trouble on the way back as we chose to ride on a passenger boat.

Even after the departure time, scheduled for 8:00 in the morning, there was no hint of departure, and we were left waiting intently. The boat finally departed after 12:00 but unfortunately, it began to rain only thirty minutes after departing.20070605_boat_to_terekeka2_1

After a while a storm began with thunder and strong wind, and our boat was rocking badly. We were desperately trying to avoid the rain, and at the same time not capsize the boat! After a long struggle, we arrived in a town along the way and realized that four hours had already passed. It honestly felt like we were lucky to be alive.
It seemed likely that it would still take another six hours from this town to Juba

To be continued.

June 21, 2007 in South Sudan |