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A long journey to work. Part 1.

20070604_road_to_terekeka_1 The other day we visited Terekeka, one of JEN’s operational locations. The road between JEN’s office in Juba and Terekeka is in a very poor condition, and with the rainy season underway, we anticipated difficulties on the way. We were right. The road to Terekeka was very bad, and misfortunes followed…

On the day we left, the car we had planned to rent had not returned from a previous trip to Terekeka, so we could not use it. Hurriedly, we tried to find another car instead so we could continue (at this time, JEN’s cars had not arrived yet, so we were relying on rental cars).

Unfortunately, rental cars are not widely available here. By the time we had found a car strong enough to stand the road conditions, and we were ready to depart from Juba, it was past midday, and we were already half a day behind schedule.  On that day, the road was in a really bad condition, and on the way there were news reports that many cars had got stuck in the mud. We decided that continuing by land would be dangerous, so we turned around and headed back to Juba.

To be continued…

June 14, 2007 in South Sudan |