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A Message from a Student

070619  The Girl’s Primary School Luyan Karsan was completely destroyed by the recent earthquake; however, thanks to JEN’s efforts to rebuild the school, now one teacher and 87 girls can resume their education again.

This school is located on the top of a steep hill, and it can be reached after climbing a rocky mountain for 20 minutes far from the main road.  Although you must climb this steep mountain n order to meet these girls, these cheerful girls are always there to welcome you.

Here is the message from Anisa Ata, 10 years old, who goes to this school. “When I recall the earthquake, I feel too sad to talk about it. I like the Urdu class the best. I love the school JEN built for us because it keeps us warm during winter, and we can keep on studying on rainy days as well.”

Haveli has lots of rain throughout a year, and there is also heavy snow along with severe weather in the winter.In order to receive an education, it is necessary for children to have places with a roof. JEN will keep on working on future projects in Pakistan, including rebuilding schools.

June 28, 2007 in Pakistan |