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What I see at JEN's office...

I come to the JEN office as a volunteer twice a week to help produce the English version of the website. Doing this I have come to learn and understand the work of JEN in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigata and The Sudan. Watching the team members prepare to leave and begin a project in The Sudan left a big impression; the support and team effort of the entire office were evident and it made me realise just how important teamwork can be. I, along with the rest of the office, wished them all the best as they set off with rucksacks containing all they had to survive with over the next few months.

I observed the same mutual efforts and support as the JEN office busied itself to organise the stall for the recent Earth Day held in Tokyo. Collecting books for "Book Magic!", advertising and organising the volunteers were big jobs, moving the equipment and setting up the stall just as important! Teamwork was obvious again and I saw all members of the office participating in one way or another.P1040591emily_2 

Everyone has a smile and a greeting as I enter the JEN office, no matter how busy they are, it is because of this that I really enjoy coming here and being part of their team!  - Emily P

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