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A Food Story

Shiensokuho_food_1_kahuta_office_haveli__1 When talking about Pakistani food many Japanese people tend to think of curry. However, since there are several ethnic groups in Pakistan, food varies from region to region.  For example in the North Western region, where the Pashtun (Pathan) group live, the food is not spicy and includes stewed mutton and tomato.  Whereas in the South Eastern region, where the Punjab people live, the food has plenty of spices and is very hot, like Kema curry well known by Japanese people.

Here in Havaili where Jen’s office is (Kashmir State - Bagh Province), the food is mainly spicy, similar to Punjab food. However, unlike the menu you see at restaurants, beans and taro potatoes are the main ingredient because people do not really eat meat here.Shiensokuho_food_2_renkri_pain_degwar_ha_1

For Muslim people, serving a meal to their guests is a matter of great importance. When working in the field, local people sometimes serve us food. When we are very busy we try to refuse their invitation by saying, “I really appreciate it but I must get going to the next place….” to which they reply “never mind, come!”, so we are forced to give in to their invitation! This is just another demonstration of their warm hospitality.

May 31, 2007 in Pakistan |