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Village Development in Niigata: Volunteers Wanted!!

Hp_1 Village Development in Niigata: Volunteers Wanted!!

Join in agricultural activities surrounded by the beauty of nature in Iketani village!

■ Schedule in 2007:

(1) April: from Friday, 27 to Monday, 30 (four days)

(2) May: from Thursday, 3 to Sunday, 6 (four days)

(3) May: from Friday, 18 to Sunday, 20 (three days)

(4) June: from Friday, 22 to Sunday, 24 (three days)

(5) July: from Friday, 13 to Monday, 16 (four days)

(6) August: from Friday, 10 to Sunday, 12 (three days)

(7) August: from Friday, 24 to Sunday, 26 (three days)

(8) September: from Friday, 21to Monday, 24 (four days)

(9) September: from Friday, 28 to Sunday, 30 (three days)

(10) October: from Friday, 26 to Sunday, 28 (three days)

※ Travel fees are at the expense of each participant.

※ Parking for private cars is available in the village.  Car pool among participants is welcome.

■ Activities :

restoring local infrastructure, supporting the livelihoods of the elderly, bush clearing and farming, preparing and participating in community festivals in summer and autumn.

※ Activities depend on the weather and both seasonal and local needs.

■ Number of participants :maximum 15 persons

■ Participation fees : ¥6,000 for three days; ¥8,000 for four days (Kitchen materials included / participants cook in rotation.)
※ Dinner on the first day is excluded.

■ Belongings: cleaning cloths, work gloves (non-slippery), rubber working boots, long-sleeve shirts, a hat, a mask, a raincoat and other clothes for farming activities.
※ Boots can be borrowed in certain conditions.

■ Lodging: Iketani School (Iketani, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata)

■ Deadline for application: Maximum of 15 persons each session (First come, first served).

■ Application :

<1> Download「application_form.doc」をダウンロード   Fill in the form and send it to JEN's Tokyo Headquarters by FAX, E-Mail or Post.

※ Before sending your form, please call JEN to ask about the availability of places, as some sessions may already be full.

<2> JEN will call you back to inform you of bank/postal transfer.

<3> Your reservation will be confirmed after the bank/postal transfer. 


■ Meeting time: 19:30

■ Departure from Tokamachi Station: around noon (depending on the day's activities)

■ Meeting point : The West Gate of the Tokamachi Railway Station, Tokamachi City, Niigata.  JR Line and Hokuhoku Line are available.

※ JR Line stops at the East Gate, and Hokuhoku-Line at the West Gate.  Participants coming from JR line should kindly come over to the West Gate.

※ Participants coming by private car kindly park at the station and come up to the West Gate.

Timetable of the Hokuhoku Line ⇒ Click Here 

■ Contact: JEN Tokyo Headquarters (Kakizawa)
TEL:03-5225-9352 / FAX:03-5225-9357

E-mail: info@jen-npo.org 

※ Projects in Niigata are organized in collaboration with the Tokamachi Regional Development Committee.

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